R8000 Oversized Jockey Wheels, Black
R8000 Oversized Jockey Wheels Back, Black

Carbon Fiber OSPW Shimano R8000 (Midnight Black)

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Looking to optimize your drivetrain efficiency to its fullest potential? 

With Gears in Motion OSPW, you can save watts by removing possible drag in your chain travel and stock pulley wheels. Feel the difference on your ride not only by our visually appealing design but also the extreme smoothness on how your drive train performs. 

We aim to realize your potential and improve your cycling experience. 

Here in Gears In Motion, we ensure a quality product is being delivered to your hands. All pulley wheels are assembled and inspected in Singapore. Do find out more in our warranty policy.

Enjoy Gears In Motion OSPW for a silky smooth ride!!

"GIM" Over Size Pulley Wheel System specifications:

  • "GIM" Sealed Bearings (Choice Between Full Ceramic & Hybrid Ceramic).
  • CNC 13 Teeth (Top) / 17 (Bottom) Teeth Aluminum Wheels. 
  • Carbon Fiber OSPW Cage.

Suitable for Shimano Ultegra (R8000 Series).